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It's no secret we're all about the videos over here. I can send my followers a message on Skillshare, but I'm not able to get any email addresses and even though I've got whatever number of students it says on here, I have very little ability to reach the majority of those students, even with 27,000 students.

So I wanted to share with you my top 10 recommended Skillshare classes for bloggers, because blogging can feel like a big sea of "what am I doing" when you're first starting, but trust me, it's going to be such an amazing adventure and a wonderful learning and growing experience.

If you have already got a few video courses on your own website and you have been taking time to sell them, if you are in certain niche industries where we can easily, for example, in real estate, I've seen a lot of people selling courses for hundreds if not thousands of dollars with very ultra-specific things.

You have the option to play the videos at5x 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds, which I found incredibly helpful as 1.25-1.5x seems to be my sweet spot for podcasts and audiobooks, and was also a good (if sometimes amusing) speed to help me zip through classes.

If you subtract all the fees and costs I've paid, the actual amount I've gotten off of Thinkific is probably anywhere from $35,000 to $38,000, which given that has taken place in a year and a half compared to three years of earnings on Skillshare, that's a great deal.

Skillshare is a place where you can put your courses up for free and you can then refer your friends to Skillshare the platform , you could easily refer SkillShare at least 10, if not 50 to 100 of people you know, colleagues, associates, co-workers over time just based on the educational value Skillshare has.

I am going to provide some suggestions now based on where you might want to be. If you are brand new and you are just watching this and hoping to make some of your own income online, you don't have any video courses yet, I'm suggesting that Skillshare is a very good place to start out for you.

Cool Classes Offered: Workplace Safety and Health, Nursing and Patient Care, Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online, Operation Management, Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies, Python Programming - Working with Numbers, Dates and Time & more.