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The idea of changing one's life forever with a three-day stay in Vegas isn't that far-fetched. People make a lose fortunes in the casinos every day. Some people arrive with full pockets and leave destitute. Others start with a few pulls on a quarter slot machine and a cheap room in a downtown motel and find themselves spending a month in a high roller's suite at a ritzy hotel after a series of lucky breaks. But a great run at the craps table or a slot machine jackpot isn't the only way to change your life in "Sin City".

You can spend three days in Las Vegas and emerge a smarter, healthier, happier and more motivated person that you are right now as you meet and work with former contestants from the wildly popular television program, The Biggest Loser. Now, a three-day excursion can provide you with the tools you need to meet your weight loss goals and the attitude that will help you put those tools to use. The New Year, New You Retreat with the Biggest Losers is a three and a half-day event that will have a lasting impact on its attendees.

This one-of-a-kind summit combines all of the elements necessary to be a completely transformative experience. The New Year, New You Retreat supplies the latest information, invigorating workouts, guidance on healthy eating and everything else you need to get your life moving in the right direction--all within the context of a supportive, kind and wildly motivating atmosphere. Attendees won't be sitting through boring lectures that merely recite the contents of the diet books already sitting on their bookshelves.

They won't be suffering through dry exercise instruction. They won't feel as if naturally "chiseled in stone" personal trainers are passing judgment on them. The New Year, New You Retreat is different. Imagine interacting on a one-on-one basis with people who've made the journey to healthier, thinner, happier lives after being seriously overweight. The New Year, New You Retreat with the Biggest Losers features real people who tried and failed to change their lives until they found a way to develop lasting, positive mindsets and habits.

You probably know these people already. You're probably like millions of other Americans who invited these inspirational figures into their homes again and again. You may have tracked their progress, rooted for their success and watched in amazement as they changed their lives. http://www.losebiginvegas.com to know more about biggest losers at BL Productions INC 29350 Southfield road trip casino slot game Suite 31,Southfield, MI 48076 Bob Harper amp; Jillian Michaels are expert author on weight loss, weight maintenance and life improvement including the biggest losers .

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