Tips To Change Stress Into Positive Energy

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A person who is experiencing sustained pressure and cannot manage stress can suffer emotional and physical problems. When it happens in the long term can develop into depression and the need for physicians to overcome them.

Many things can cause stress on a person such as:

Anxiety, anger, sadness, too tired, too focused on one thing, feeling confused / angry, sadness, fear, excessive sensory stimulation such as bright light, noise etc.

to avoid this, it is important to have the ability to manage stress so as to minimize its impact on the emotional and physical stress, or even able to transform into positive energy. If Stress is converted to positive energy (eustress) make a person more passionate, focused and motivated to achieve goals.

Basically, stress is one of our defense system to defend against something that is annoying or even dangerous in your mind. Of course natural ability of every person to control stress differently, but this ability can be improved with exercise.

There are several ways to change distress (negative stress) to eustres (positive stress). If you are experiencing stress that does not interfere with your presence, or just bad for your self better avoid it. For example, the habit of staying up late, a relationship that does not fit and difficult to maintain, the dependence on cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, etc..

On the contrary, if the stressor that experienced is not something to be avoided or something bad to you, such as marriage and problems at work, then the best way to deal with it is to control and turn it into positive energy to solve the problem.

The following are tips on how to transform stress into positive energy:

1. Regulate breathing

The easiest step to reduce the level of stress is to slow and deepen breathing. If you have something that bothers you, try to breathe deeply and slowly exhale slowly as well.

This is the fastest way to cope with stress, fatigue and down emotions. Your body will automatically reduce the tension in a short time. Breathing techniques will be more effective if accompanied by visuals.

Place yourself in a comfortable position, such as sitting or lying down. Begin to breathe deeply and slowly and then exhale slowly. If possible, close your eyes and imagine a place that you like the most, such as the beach. Imagine you're there and feel what is happening there. Suaran Listen to the waves, feeling the wind blows gently and the sun warm your skin touching. Do it for a few minutes and when you open your eyes then the tension is much reduced.

2. Changing your perspective.

Basically all the things that we experience is neutral. It is our thoughts that make it, positive or negative, a challenge or a threat.

When someone is depressed they think more about things that are negative compared with positive things. By changing our perspective on something then the stress can be reduced.

Internal words and spoken words in your mind have a big role. Maybe you've heard of the law of attraction previously, thoughts and positive words, will generate positive energy. While thoughts and negative words, will produce negative energy. Think and say something in a positive way then you will feel a big difference.

3. Make your activity planned and systematic

When you do activities together, such as answering phone calls when you are driving a vehicle, then your body and your mind takes more energy to do so. But when you do a systematic activity, one at a time, then automatically you become more relaxed.

So, when you feel stressed / distressed, do your activities on a regular basis (do not you combine one activity to another at the same time), do it carefully and give more attention when you do an activity.

4. Sincerely, Let it all happen

Many things happen in this life. You may feel that this is the case cannot be changed back. You can make a decision in mind to not blame yourself, or did not make the pressure in your life for something you can not change jual jam tangan.

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