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Vinod Kambli files complaint for 'racist' comment By [/home/search.html?s=&authornamef=Mail+Today+Reporter Mail Today Reporter]
Published: 00:14 BST, 26 October 2013 | Updated: 00:54 BST, 26 October 2013
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comments] Vinod Kambli filed a police complaint claiming a woman made a racist comment against him

While his compatriot Sachin Tendulkar has rewritten many cricket records, his one-time friend and former cricketer Vinod Kambli seems to be rewriting the dictionary.

Kambli filed a police complaint at the Bandra police station alleging that a foreigner taunted him racially by calling him a 'bully', which according to him means 'black Indian'.

Kambli allegedly got into an argument with the woman over a parking issue.

He then marched off to the police station where he filed the complaint against her claiming she racially abused him.

Later on, while speaking to the media, Kambli claimed he was called a 'bully' which means 'black Indian'.

Perhaps he is not well versed with the English language as the word bully is used for a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

"I told her if she had a parking issue she should take it up with the chairman or the secretary, but instead she accused me of being a bully," the former cricketer said.

MAIL TODAY has a copy of Kambli's complaint which clearly indicates that he has only complained of being called a bully.

"A foreigner lady came up and started yelling at me. She called me names. She even called me a racist. She said that I am a bully and threatened me," according to the complaint.

While he insists he was called a 'black Indian' his complaint does not suggest so.

The Bandra police is not taking the complaint seriously and have registered a Non-Cognisable complaint.